The Experienced Instructor


As an experienced cycle instructor, you can choose any level or any course combination you like. Our most popular course for experienced instructors is level 2 & 3 Online Virtual 8 CEC's. Level 2 & 3 Online Virtual includes 44 chapters of training ideas and is registered with Fitness Australia, REPS UK and physical activity Australia. Level 1 is recognised as the official basic qualification and level 2 & 3 offer more intermediate - advanced training ideas. Get access to exciting new ideas and templates. Complete all three levels together or select a course separately. Get instant access for up to 5 months via your mobile, tablet or computer. After watching the training videos, complete the online quiz. Even after completing the quiz you will still get access to your training ideas for up to 5 months. Start today.

Level 2 & 3 Core, technique, intermediate - advanced training sessions, pedal stroke, tabata, myofascial release, 44 chapters $ 257     8 CEC's  

Level 1 & 2 & 3 has everything including the basics as a refresher, a level 1 certificate, myofascia and more advanced and intermediate training sessions $417     14 CEC's

Level  2  Core, technique, intermediate - advanced sessions and twenty training sessions $143     4 CEC's

Level  3  Tabata, intermediate - advanced sessions, pedal stroke, myofascial release and twenty sessions $147     4 CEC's

Level  1  Complete level 1 as a refresher for the basics, a level 1 certificate $ 197     6 CEC's

All levels can be completed together or separately. As an experienced instructor you can choose any course or combination!